Thursday, 18 May 2017

Mother's Day Table Supporters thank yous

Mother's Day Clipart

At the recent PTA Mother's Day Table we were lucky to have a number of supporters who donated items for our gifts, the gift bags and the 3 spot prizes.

We would like to thank and acknowledge the support we have received from the following people and businesses:

Gift Bags & Extra Goodies
John Bannister (Keeley and Will’s Dad) from Automac Engineering sponsored us for the gift bags that the gifts went home in.
Aberllie Samson, Lauren Dyke and Lara from Bauer Media donated the Magazines in the gift bags.
Wendy Rayner (Kobi’s mum) from Coca Cola sponsored the drinks given to the mothers of the senior school students.  Wendy was also able to acquire the mini Whittakers chocolates in the gift bags.
Whittakers who donated the mini chocolates for gift bags. Rhi Flavell – J H Whittaker & Sons Ltd
Spot Prizes
Caci Clinic Pakuranga donated a Microdermabrasion Facial as a spot prize. Thank you to Nhan Nguyen who arranged this for us.
Saskia Huggard from The Burbs donated a Pink Woollen Basket from her range of products offered for sale at her Cafe.  
Countdown Pakuranga generously donated us a gift basket filled with Thin Lizzy products.  Thank you to May the Store manager.
Mad Men Liquor donated a lucky mum some much needed alcohol.
Extras in the gifts
Jim Piper and Charlotte Millar from Skinfood NZ donated Skinfood and Isabella skincare products and Isabella candles.
Kaye from Unichem Pakuranga donated the lip balms and a variety skin products.

The Warehouse Pakuranga donated us a $50 store credit which we purchased additional lip balms.

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Students with their chosen gifts

Congratulations to the following children who were lucky enough to win the three spot prizes:

1.  Me'a: Room 7 won the Champagne kindly donated from Mad Men Liquor

2.  Leo: Room 14 - Pink Woo len Basket from Saskia Huggard at The Burbs CafĂ© and Countdown Pakuranga kindly donated the Skincare pack

3.  Ethan: Room 8 - Caci Clinic Voucher kindly donated from Caci Clinic Pakuranga

All prizes can be collected from the office

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The PTA would also like to say thank you to the following people:

Angela J (Ashton, Lily and Indie’s Mum) for leading the PTA sub-committee team and overall organisation of the Mother's Day event, the gift shopping, arranging the wrapping evening and overseeing the running of the Mother's Day table.

Natalie B (Keeley and Wills Mum) who sourced all of the spot prizes, the lovely bags and extra free goodies we have in the gift packages.  She also contributed her time on the day to ensure the smooth running of the gift bag table.

Ali W (Sienna and Indiana's Mum) for shopping, wrapping and checking in to the office every day to ensure the lists were up to date, assisting on the Mother's Day table.

Debbie S (Thomas's Mum) for shopping, wrapping and donating her time on the day to ensure the Mother's day table ran smoothly.

Carlene S, Rene R, Kylee L, Anna H, Anna M, Lynn J, Jacqui W, Heidi R, Catherine H, Sarah H, Jessica D, and Sarah G who have helped either on the wrapping night and or on the Mother's Day table day. 
We really appreciate everyone’s time and efforts to contribute to our school mums

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful Mother's Day gifts PTA. The gifts were amazing, was lovely to get them in a gift bag with magazine and chocolate (though the kids got to these before me). A lot of thought and time has gone into the gift selection and wrapping. The kids had a cool time selecting something special. It's great to have the additional support from families and businesses.