Thursday, 2 March 2017

PTA AGM update

Thank you to everyone that came along last night to the 2017 PTA AGM and the support from the staff who attended - Justine Driver, Robyn Steel, Sue Venville and Natalie Coffer.

The nominated and elected officers are:
Chairperson: Kylee Long
Deputy Chairperson: Jennifer Robb
Treasurer: Diane Lau
Secretary: Ali Wilton

Once again we have an enthusiastic group of parents who give of their time and energy to assist in making our school a great place for our kids.

2017 PTA committee members:

Ali Wilton - Secretary
Amanda Pritchard
Angela Jaksic
Anna Hansford
Anna Muir - BOT
Carlene Sayer
Claire Atkinson
Danielle Gerrard
Diane Luo - Treasurer
Erika Lawry
Jacqui Wills
Jason Lee
Jennifer Robb - Vice
Justine Driver – Principal
Katrina Felton
Kylee Long - Chairperson
Louisa Cooper
Mike Jaksic
Raji Zalte
Rene Reynolds
Robyn Steel – Deputy Principal
Rochelle Ansell
Sarah Bushill
Tracey Barden
Yani Zhu

We are always looking for new parents to join us and if you are interested, we meet on the first Wednesday of each month, in the School Staff Room at 7.20 pm. Our next meeting is Wednesday 5th April.

We would love you to join us.

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