Monday, 21 November 2016

Kids Caring for Kids - Mufti Day this Friday

PTA Mufti Day is this Friday. All the funds raised will be sent directly to Waiau School. 

Room 20 approached the PTA after they saw what had happened in the Earthquakes in Wellington and the South Island and discussed as a class what had happened and how they could help. 

They investigated Waiau School as they were all saddened by the damage to the school pool. These are some things they found out about the school: 

  • Learning for Life, is their motto - this is exactly the same as ours!
  • Miss Mary Kimber Principal - 3 classes only
  • 200 -250 people sleeping in the school buildings or in their cars in the school grounds
  • water was off
  • brick homes broken
  • roads and power lines broken
  • many people have left the area
  • pool cracked and all water drained away

The attached link shows the earthquake damage to this school.

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